Professor Ibolya Nyulasi, President  Au SPEN

Professor Ibolya Nyulasi, President AuSPEN


AuSPEN is the oldest parenteral nutrition society founded in 1973 with the aim to promote the science of nutrition support. A multidisciplinary society recognises that nutrition care is the responsibility of everyone involved with patient care from hospital clinical staff to funders and the community providers. Through our education endeavours, our advocacy and guideline setting we aim to improve the patient journey through safe, timely nutrition care. We hope you will join the society today and help us to advance best practice in nutritional care.

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The History of AuSPEN

AuSPEN  is  the  oldest  parenteral  nutrition  society  in  the  world.  The  Australasian  Society  for  Parenteral  Nutrition  (AuSPN)  was  founded  in  1973  in  Melbourne.  It  was  initially  set  up  by  surgeons,  intensivists,  physicians,  chemical  pathologists,  microbiologists  and  pharmacists.  Professor  Bob  McMahon,  a  paediatric  surgeon  from  Queen  Victoria  Hospital  in  Melbourne,  was  the  first  AuSPN  President


In  1980  AuSPN  expanded  its  society  name  to  include  enteral  nutrition  and  became  The  Australasian  Society  of  Parenteral  and  Enteral  Nutrition  (AuSPEN).  AuSPEN  also  broadened  the  scope  of  its  membership  to  include  New  Zealand.  At  this  time,  the  main  focus  of  the  Society  was  the  nutrition  care  of  inpatients,  however  as  outpatient  needs  have  grown,  the  focus  of  the  Society  has  shifted  to  encompass  both  acute  and  outpatient  care. 

Since  the  1980s  AuSPEN  has  continued  to  expand  and membership  has  increased  exponentially.  AuSPEN’s  core membership  includes  many  different  health  professionals including  Gastroenterologists,  Surgeons,  Intensivists,  Dietitians, Pharmacists,  Nurses,  Researchers  with  a  clinical  nutrition focus,  and  students.  AuSPEN’s  current  president  is  Ibolya Nyulasi,  an  Associate-Professor  and  Manager  of  Dietetics Department  from  Alfred  Health.

Today’s  purpose  of  AuSPEN  remains  to  be  the  leading professional  society  for  a  multidisciplinary  approach  to  clinical nutrition,  promoting  high  standards  in  the  practice  of parenteral  and  enteral  nutrition  for  both  inpatients  and outpatients.

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AuSPEN Council is a dynamic multidisciplinary board comprising of medical,  nursing and allied health from across Australia and New Zealand.

Current Council Members


A/Prof Ibolya Nyulasi

Melbourne, VIC


Damian Harding

Adelaide, SA

Lee-anne Chapple.jpg

Lee-anne Chapple

Adelaide, SA

Sharon Carey.jpg

Dr Sharon Carey

Sydney, NSW

Alice Day.jpg

Alice Day

Chair of Marketing and Communications Committee
Adelaide, SA


Russell Canavan

Gold Coast, QLD


Sophie Hogan

Sydney, NSW

Varsha Asrani.jpg

Varsha Asrani

Chair of Clinical Practice Committee
Auckland, NZ 

Julia Fox.png

Darcy Holt

Melbourne, VIC

Julia Fox

Brisbane, QLD

Kate Fetterplace.jpg

Kate Fetterplace

Chair of Education Committee
Melbourne, VIC


AuSPEN Council meets a minimum of twice a year and has the  
following key responsibilities:

  • Upholds the Constitution of the Society

  • Keeps the society vibrant and functional, leading research and developments in clinical nutrition and metabolism

  • Appoints Elective Officers and an AuSPEN representative to the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN)

  • Oversees society membership and member services

  • Encourages knowledge enhancement and professional competence in the field of nutritional support

  • Clinical nutrition advocacy and advisory to government bodies, other nutrition organisations and health professionals

  • Forms strategic alliances to foster and facilitate research and advancements in clinical nutrition and metabolism

AuSPEN has multiple committees integral to the running of the society and achieving the strategic plan. Each committee is chaired by a Council member.

Education Committee

Provides professional education in clinical nutrition and metabolism for members and the broader community of multidisciplinary health care professionals

Scientific Committee

The role of the AuSPEN Scientific Committee is to recognise, support, and strengthen quality multi-disciplinary research in the field of clinical nutrition.

Clinical Practice Committee

Facilitates the development of clinical guidelines and resources to promote evidence-based nutrition support practice throughout Australian and New Zealand.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Coordinates and drives AuSPEN’s communication strategy through strategic partnerships, web-based interfaces and social media platforms.

Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Committee

Strategic committee comprising of experts from Australia and New Zealand to develop Australasia’s first home parenteral nutrition registry.

Paediatric Committee

Strategic committee established in 2019 comprising multidisciplinary paediatric health professionals focused on the delivery of evidence based, paediatric nutrition support, public advocacy and communication and professional paediatric training and education opportunities.

If you would like to know more about AuSPEN’s committees, or become involved in AuSPEN’s activities contact us