HPN Awareness Week 14 - 20 October 2018

Let's Get Ready!

  • Stickers will soon be sent to all PNDU members for wearing during AW

  • PNDU's 2018 AW video will be available at the start of AW for sharing

  • Social media profile and frame

  • An example newspaper article is available now to help you write to your local newspaper with your story.  Email us for a copy 

  • Bingo game!  We have a fun game for hospitals, industry and anyone to use to highlight some aspects of life with HPN.  See AW Resource Pack below

  • Poster and flyers - see AW Resource Pack below 

  • PN pharmacy tours - don't miss out!  See info below

We look forward to celebrating this great week with you all!
Parenteral Nutrition Down Under