AuSPEN encourages and supports new and innovative research relating to clinical nutrition. The society provides a number of opportunities to disseminate this research to update health professionals.


AuSPEN has hosted annual conferences for over three decades, providing attendees with the opportunity to present their research projects.

Abstracts from our compilation of presentations are available for all AuSPEN members to view and download. TWO OF OUR AWARD-WINNING ABSTRACTS FROM 2017 CAN BE VIEWED BELOW. 


David Russell award winner, 2017.

Jessie Varghese, from Royal Melbourne Hospital, took out the David Russell award at last year's AuSPEN conference with her abstract titled "An audit of the postoperative nutritional practices following major abdominal surgery." 


Bob McMahon award winner, 2017.

Louise Becroft from, The Alfred Hospital, took out the Bob McMahon award at last year's AuSPEN conference with her abstract titled "The validity of multi-frequency bioelectric impedance methods to measure body composition in obese patients: A systematic review."

The Australasian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (AuSPEN) offers grants for assistance in undertaking projects of significance to AuSPEN. The AuSPEN Research Committee has awarded successful grants annually since 2006.

AuSPEN offers grants for assistance in performing clinical projects. In 2018, $20,000 will be awarded. This will comprise of a Substantive Project Grant (maximum of $20,000 ex-GST)

Please note that all lead applicants must be financial members of AuSPEN at the time of application, and in total, at least 50% of the investigators must be current financial members of AuSPEN. Previous grant awardees from 2017 will not be eligible to apply.

We look forward to your research grant applications.

AuSPEN offers members the opportunity for two conference awards - The Bob McMahon and David Russell Prizes.

The Bob McMahon Prize will be preferentially awarded to an outstanding research presentation which may encompass:

  • Basic science
  • Clinical research
  • Clinical epidemiology

Systematic reviews are considered to be within the research category.

The David Russell Prize will be preferentially awarded to an outstanding Clinical Service Enhancement presentation which may encompass:

  • Translational research / translation of research into practice
  • Quality improvement programs/projects
  • Service development projects
  • Service/program analysis/evaluation

Eligible abstracts for both posters and oral presentations are considered for these AuSPEN prizes.    

AuSPEN provides copies of all AuSPEN conference presentations, providing speaker approval. Conference presentations are available from 2013 onwards.