At AuSPEN, our purpose is to be the leading professional society for a multidisciplinary approach to clinical nutrition, promoting high standards in the practice of parenteral and enteral nutrition for both inpatients and outpatients.


AuSPEN Membership

AuSPEN is committed to providing members with a wide range of professional resources to enhance clinical practice, develop professional skills and support innovation and research in the international fields of clinical nutrition.

Attendance to AuSPEN events will provide you with widespread networking opportunities and ability to share knowledge and explore innovation in nutrition practice with colleagues.

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Attendance at AuSPEN events provides members with widespread networking opportunities and the ability to share knowledge and explore innovation in nutrition practice with colleagues.



AuSPEN Events 

AuSPEN runs a national congress, Life Long Learning (LLL) nutrition courses and workshops throughout the year.  Our meetings are themed around different aspects of clinical nutrition with regular updates on advances in parenteral and enteral nutrition.  


AuSPEN Webinars

AuSPEN runs two webinars per year bringing keynote speakers from Australia and abroad.  These webinars are free for AuSPEN members and available in the video library in the Members Only Area. Not an AuSPEN member? Click here to join

AuSPEN 2019- you are invited!

We are thrilled to announce that in 2019 the 45th AuSPEN Annual Scientific Meeting will be going to Adelaide from the 23rd - 25th of November! The theme of the 2019 conference is “Bench to bedside: Incorporating basic science, clinical research, policy and practice” and will take attendees on a translational nutrition focused journey from the laboratory into clinical practice and beyond.

Click here to visit the 2019 AuSPEN Conference website and register today!

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AuSPEN provides a number of educational and evidence-based resources including subscription to ESPEN’s Clinical Nutrition Journals for members.


AuSPEN members receive the printed version of Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition Supplements and can access full text publications from all three ESPEN journals online. Login to your ESPEN member account to access journals.


AuSPEN has a range of clinical guidelines available to members developed by the AuSPEN Clinical Practice Committee. AuSPEN’s Clinical Practice Committee exists to facilitate and promote evidence-based nutrition  support practice throughout Australia and New Zealand.

clinical practice

The Clinical Practice Library contains reference videos, webinars,  conference videos and podcasts intended to optimise patient care and assist health care practitioners to make decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.  

ESPEN LLl Courses

The Life Long Learning (LLL) programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is a nutrition educational programme for doctors and health specialists. LLL offers on-line training and live courses via variety of innovative training methodologies and resources.

AuSPEN is a not-for-profit organisation and welcomes sponsorship of AuSPEN-related activities and corporate membership of the society. 


education & event SPONSORSHIP 

AuSPEN clinical nutrition courses, webinars and events attract motivated health professionals. Increase your brand awareness & showcase your support for the industry through our event sponsorship packages.


Other Sponsorship OPPORTUNITIES

We have some creative ideas for companies to expand their reach and brand awareness.  And we are always open to new ideas to create something that no-one has seen before.